Asset Management

  • Client: Multinational company of the Automotive sector
  • Date: 07/07/2012
  • Information: Control IT assets

Demand: Existence of the need actively control of all network assets and software.

Implementação: Dalth has made available a server on Amazon AWS with Linux and custom OCS to receive and store inventory information in real time.

After the clients have been installed on the assets, they autonomously and quietly send hardware and software information updates to the remote server. If there is a need any asset can be added to the base manually, thus centralizing all the data in a single platform. Access to the manager for the generation of customized reports and export of data is available online through prior authorization with restricted access.

All communication is encrypted in 208 bits by digital certificates between the agents and the manager.

Conclusion: All goals have been achieved satisfactorily since all the inventory information is available and updated quickly and safely.