IT Management or Problem Management?

O gerenciamento de serviços de TI (ou gestão de serviços de Informática) tem por objetivo prover um serviço de TI com qualidade e alinhado às necessidades do negócio, buscando redução de custos e aumento de performance.

Apply ITIL and Cobit practices, understand customer needs and expectations and seek the most appropriate means to meet them. Therefore, we do not only understand the implementation of an area of ​​service to end users - called "Service Desk" - so that the IT organization can be informed of the failures, doubts and difficulties that impact the productivity of these users.

The real mission is to look at all the activities of an IT organization - from the requirements survey for the development of a new system, new supplier developments, technical support to the purchasing department and monitoring of the equipment that supports systems already in production - are connected and must be managed through parameters of quality, time and cost, so that such an IT organization can meet and surprise its customers.

In summary, the contractor expects all matters related to Information Technology to be managed responsibly at the lowest possible cost.

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