A lot is talked about outsourcing these days, but do you really know what it means?


The term Outsourcing is an English word, which means in literal translation: "out" = "out" and "source" or "sourcing" = "source". That is, it is related to the strategic use of external sources of labor of a company. Basically speaking in outsourcing means talking about "outsourcing", the best known term in Brazil. It is the action taken by the manager of a company to obtain manpower from a source external to the organization.

Outsourcing is also linked to the idea of ​​a business partnership, where a company hires another to assist it in its processes, acting as a partner during its productive process.

Advantages of Outsourcing

Outsourcing in a company aims, among other things, to reduce spending on a particular activity. In addition to taking advantage of the knowledge (know-how) that the contracted company has in certain services.

Outsourcing is also important to streamline some processes and to facilitate the management of the company, allowing it to focus only on the key services of its business. This increases productivity in some industries, increasing product quality, reducing cost, and increasing company profitability. This reason why outsourcing is increasingly used by companies.

Outro ponto positivo do outsourcing, que muitos consideram uma vantagem, é a transferência de parte da responsabilidade da empresa para terceiros. Assim, quando há algum problema em determinado procedimento, a empresa contratante pode responsabilizar a contratada, sendo possível até penalizá-la por tal falha.

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